Tuesday, August 7, 2012


During storage of rolls and remnants, the carpet crushes down.  Pile crushing may appear in prominent bands across the width of the carpet.  Distance between lines may vary depending upon the size of roll.  These lines may vary in size and will appear dark or light, depending upon the direction of observation.  
Roll crush
Pile reversal

Kicker Marks
Fold Marks
End of roll marks



    This correction is performed by replacing the primary backing (the backing that has the yarn tufted) and leaving the secondary backing intact. By leaving the secondary backing intact, the carpet does not lose its dimensional stability.

    A left over piece of the installed carpet is required to correct the condition. Hot melt glue is used to glue the primary backing and secondary backing.

    The carpet is originally laminated with a clay based adhesive that allows the backing to pull apart or delaminate. However, when the hot melt glue is applied between backings, it melts the backings together. This creates an excellent bond between the backings.
    This corrections process can be used to correct:

    Bleached Areas
    Dye Spots
    Latex Bleeding
    Ink Marks
    Kicker Marks
    Missing Rows / Yarn

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